Development of Indian Technical Education & You!

Development of Indian Technical Education & You!

Quality Technical Education may lead economic development….

Technical education in India is offered at various levels such as: arts, diplomas and degrees, providing research, technological development and various aspects of economic progress in the higher and specialized sectors.


The range of AICTE (Council) includes technical education programs in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, Management, pharmacy, Applied Arts and Crafts, Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

In accordance with the provisions of the AICTE Act (1987), for the first five years after its inception in 1988, the Minister for Human Resource Development, the Government of India, was the Chairman of the Council. The first full-time Chairman was appointed on July 2, 1993 and the Council was reconstituted in March 1994 with a term of three years. The Executive Committee was re-constituted on July 7, 1994 and All India Board of Studies and Advisory Boards were constituted in 1994-95. Regional Offices of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Government of India, located in Kolkata, Chennai, Kanpur, and Mumbai were transferred to AICTE and the staff working in these offices were also deputed to the Council on foreign service terms w.e.f. October 1, 1995.

These offices functioned as secretariats of regional Committees in the four regions (North, East, West and South). Three new regional Committees in southwest, central, and northwest regions with their secretariats located in Bangalore, Bhopal, and Chandigarh, respectively, were also established on July 27, 1994. One more regional committee in South-Central region with its Secretariat in Hyderabad was notified on March 8, 2007.

With the objectives like – Promotion of Quality in Technical Education, Planning and Coordinated Development of Technical Education System & Regulations and Maintenance of Norms and Standards.

Every girl and boy in India has the fundamental right to quality education, an education one that helps them to acquire basic literacy and numeracy, enjoy learning without fear and feel valued and included irrespective of where they come from. The general Education schemes are replaced by technical education as there is good opportunity for career and employment. It imparts the knowledge very strongly from the basics to advanced scenarios. The technical education can regenerate the human society instead of bare hands with machines and technological devices. Technology, which brings together tools to promote development, use and information exchange, has as its main objective of making tasks easier and the solving of many problems of mankind. When technology progresses and makes our lives even more convenient, we must stress how beneficial it is to our lives.

Biggest Problem – Poverty. Poverty is one of the serious issues that keeps children at a distance from accessing education in a complete form. As per research reports, 22% share of children across the U.S. are either at or below the poverty line. This becomes a major restriction for them to maintain schooling up to a satisfactory level.

We can focus on below things to Improve our quality of technical education and by doing this can be contributed significantly to economic developments.

  • Acknowledge and address overcrowding.
  • Make funding schools a priority.
  • Address the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Raise standards for teachers.
  • Put classroom-running and curriculum-building decisions in the hands of the community.

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