Flipkart invites registrations for its campus hiring

Flipkart invites registrations for its campus hiring Finalists will get the chance to take a job interview for the position of software development engineer

Finalists will get the chance to take a job interview for the position of software development engineer.

Prudent CAMPUS is the Best campus Placement service provider during convid19 pandemic along with free job listing and recruitment support for trained candidates. True Hiring partner for engagement & executions in Pune Maharashtra.Flipkart is inviting registrations for its annual campus engagement programme, Flipkart GRiD 3.0 that will allow students pursuing B.Tech /B.E. /M.Tech programmes to bag interview offers for full-time job positions as Software Development Engineers and internship interviews at Flipkart.

Participating students can be from any full-time specialization course from the batches of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. Students must register in teams of 2 to 3 members and should be from the same engineering college.

Finalists of Flipkart’s Flagship Engineering Off-Campus Hiring Challenge will be awarded job interviews for the position of Software Development Engineer (SDE-1) at a package of 26.57 lakh per annum. Candidates who reach round three will also get a chance to sit for the hiring process. The challenge, which has been posted on Dare2Compete, a global platform connecting students/ early professionals with companies through innovative challenges, events and gamified hiring assessments, has received 33,306 registrations as of today.

The Flipkart hiring challenge is divided into four levels — Level 1 based on E-Commerce Trivia and Tech skills quiz; Level 2 where qualified teams will have to submit their idea on problem statement online; Level 3 is all about a concept demo video and code submission, and the finale round where teams will be invited to showcase their solutions to Flipkart’s panel of domain experts.
Some of the problem statements include: Smart Bag Creator challenge, Conversational Credit application, Interactive Voice Bot for user engagement, trust and affluence signal extraction from social media data.

Winners of the Flipkart GRiD 3.0 SDE Challenge will get Electronic Gift Vouchers (EGVs) worth Rs 1,50,000, with the first runner-up being awarded EGVs worth Rs 75,000. All the finalists of The National Finale get the PPI (pre-placement interview) opportunity to sit for the position of SDE-1 at Flipkart.

The top 50 teams from the Level 1 quiz will receive GRiD goodies. The finalists, Level 2 qualifying teams, Level 3 qualifying teams, and top 10 per cent teams from Level 1 will be awarded Certificates of Merit. Participation certificate will be awarded to all the candidates. While the registration deadline is July 8, the Challenge will kick off on July 6 and the National Finale will be held on September 3

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