How they turned up challenges into Opportunities ?

How they turned up challenges into Opportunities ?

Google saves $ 1 billion a year as a result of employees working from home With the removal of the COVID-19 ban, more and more people are booking ps online trips and hotels, which is great for Google’s advertising business. However, Google’s employees work from home and don’t travel much on the company’s money – which is good for its business as well.


In the first quarter, Google parent Alphabet Inc. As a result of “Primarily Govt- 19”, the company saved 26,2668 million from advertising, travel and entertainment compared to a year earlier.

On an annual basis, it would be more than 1 billion. In fact, Alphabet reported in its annual report earlier this year that the company cut costs, suspended or restructured campaigns, and cut advertising and advertising spending to $ 1.4 billion by 2020 as some episodes were converted to digital format due to the epidemic. Travel and entertainment costs 37 1,371 million have been reduced.

The savings offset the many costs involved in hiring thousands more workers. The wisdom of the epidemic allowed the company to effectively type in its marketing and management costs in the first quarter, despite a 34% increase in revenue.

Google despises beliefs such as massage tables, served diets and corporate retreats, benefits that have greatly affected Silicon Valley’s work culture. Since March 2020, most Google employees have worked remotely and without their permission.

However, Google plans to return to office fees later this year. CEO Ruth Borat told investors that the company plans to develop a “hybrid” model that will pay employees less than before. Provides distance from gaps. Borat also said that Google will continue to invest globally in its real estate.

Source | la times