Preparing Campus Placement

Preparing Campus PlacementGuidelines and Precautions to Win the Offer Letter

Now everyone who relates to this knows what’s this all about.

Many college campuses are practicing the latest techniques but still there is a huge amount of gap between industry and the institutions. Especially while using online resources to complete recruitment activities in rural area technical difficulties are majorly caused delays and the up count results. Campus placement or campus recruiting is a program conducted within universities or other educational institutions to provide jobs to students nearing completion of their studies. In this type of program, the educational institutions partner with corporations who wish to recruit from the student population.

2020-21 is set to compete with other age groups – campus recruitment, job and salary in graduate collections. However, this is not the case. The situation was similar in 2008–09 and after the financial and IT accidents in 2000–01. Employment and low-paid jobs, standard pay, withdrawal dates, some unemployed, sudden suspension after joining, dismissal of employees, dismissal of employees, college nervousness, and internal differences were common. . You worry because your entry into the job market and your future career are affected. Here’s what you need to know and do.

Consider the devastating effects of this epidemic. In the first tier, businesses are at a disadvantage, while some sectors fall significantly in all areas, such as hospitality and mobility, while some players compete with offline players. Employers are forced to cut costs, close employment, cut wages, and lay off workers who have no other work. Banks and financiers make it difficult for companies and individuals to repay their debts, so they do not have to pay back what they need. As a result, graduate students are more likely to earn less money than the poor. Delay in joining the first year and low income means loss of balance compared to other years and a combined effect on your lifetime wealth.

Best Campus Placement support for engineering colleges across India during this pandemic to execute campus placement drives and freshers jobs

Unemployment and low income are always bad news for the economy and your qualifications. This information also makes the placement worse. Your office or student planning committee responds by introducing several laws that make life difficult. Their goal is to protect the institutional product and thus hire top students by not worrying too much about their interests. You will be limited in the number of applications. The numbers you create, the numbers you see, the number of dreams you play, the companies invited to the campus by the contest program will be barred from using it, and you will be forcibly removed from the program. . After that you go on the wrong path of work. However, the good news is that your campus takes a lot more effort than usual regardless of the situation and the latter. You only need one job.

Even if you get the first one to get wool from a company, it will do its job, even if it is not your choice, job or industry. After that you go on the wrong path of work. However, the good news is that your campus takes a lot more effort than usual, in all cases, you only need one job and in the end, you choose where to put it.

Since your opportunities are blocked by markets and placement programs, your first goal is to maximize your options and reach the negotiation stage. Know that nobody owes you anything, so stop being lazy. You will eat only what you can hunt. So, how do you get a chance to choose a campus? Access your network of professionals and business owners through Family Connect, alumni, school and sports friends and any other network you can think of. Talk to them, meet them, expand your social space and thus increase your chances of gaining openness. Use LinkedIn and Twitter to track, access and communicate with strangers and decision makers. Your goal is to be invited to be interviewed for a job by a former trustee, rather than competing with your resume and hundreds of other job seekers.


As in 2020, on 100% campus, without your best efforts, you can make yourself unemployed. Alternatively, the company may withdraw its service offering or reduce the date of joining to reduce costs. Eventually, you will be fired within a few weeks of your new job. Note that this does not indicate your suitability but you cannot control the situation. However, you can choose your backup strategy. Do you have a ‘job waiver / salary’ plan? Reach your campus placement cell which can provide you with support for a few months and with the advice of experienced professionals to deal with open market searches. To earn money, continue all your savings, personal protection by family and friends and other sources of income.

Find your great personal need and keep trying. If you have freedom of choice, and you have dreams of entrepreneurs, then move on now. Although times are difficult, it will be built with fire. When you follow your love make sure that you get guidance for some reason. If you are ashamed to see your family and friends sitting at home, then you are under the influence of your social status. Find opportunities to contribute to the social sector, a fresh start or a family-friendly business, even if you do not have the money. Alternatively, go and get more education if possible and return to the job market. After all, if money is the most important thing in your life, do not deny you the next job. Feel free to continue your job search and upgrade over time. Until then, accept paid training, do contract work and earn money with your skills and leisure activities after work and on weekends. Experience, network and skills will increase over time and will yield higher returns in two to three years.

How to face Campus Placement Drive?

Your campus placement system is not a free job market. It is a system of rules that allow / restrict you to get maximum jobs for maximum students. It is not designed to help you get the best job that you are entitled to or need. Understand the current placement rules well and decide how you will opt and avoid penalties.

How is the employer conducting its selection process? Do they need a CV, online application, cover letter, assessment test, group discussion or case submission before being shortlisted for the interview? Get past content and data from your location, previous batches and other campuses and be in control before the application window opens.

When you have an interview shortlist, the ball is in your court. Show the company that you stand out from the competition. How do you prepare News, financial reports, websites, Twitter, public communications, chat with company employees, competition, and industry – can take you miles ahead of the game.

What is the expected interview format? Recruiters are required to follow a certain process on campuses and over the years and this almost never changes. To find out. A consulting firm may have two stages — a case study and approach to analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and personal discussion for communication. Mock interview accordingly.

Almost all interviews are likely to be on video. This can lead to short but many rounds. You are already used to remote classes but your video interview requires a professional approach. Rehearse and make sure everything is working and dress up and behave as if you are attending a personal interview.

Despite of all above as a candidate one should go for online trainings, other college campuses and the high net worth

HR personalities to understand the exact requirement and prepare accordingly.

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