IT Recruitment – 10 Tips For Landing Your Dream IT Job

IT Recruitment10 Tips For Landing Your Dream IT Job

I.T. companies are no different from companies in any other industry. The rules for interviewing are the same, for you and the employer. However, the competition is very tough, and you will have to stand out if you want to be selected or even just short listed for the position you are applying for.

Here are 10 tips for winning your dream job in I.T.

  • Not listening to what the interviewer, or the IT Recruitment Agency, is saying is a fatal mistake but can be attributed to nerves. Just wait your turn, don’t jump in prior to the interviewer completing a question.
  • Your presentation technique matters most, sit up straight and don’t mumble, be concise with your answers, present yourself in a well thought-out manner by giving considered answers. Above all, you need to convey a desire for the job, so be enthusiastic.
  • Remember, not all positions you are applying for will be the best match for you. You don’t want to be given a job you will be useless at, so remember the company and the job may just not be right.
  • Succinctly tell the company what you want – and why. This includes: salary, the type of work environment and the level of responsibility/challenge you want.
  • Demonstrate your competencies, at least to your IT Recruitment Agency. Make sure you discuss practical and specific examples of past behaviour which demonstrates your competencies.
  • Make sure you have prepared examples of key achievements so you can use them when asked. Describe the situation, the action you took and the results or outcomes of your action.
  • If you are interested in an opportunity, make sure you say so in the interview, or at least tell your IT Recruitment Agency. Firstly: your level of interest and secondly: why.
  • Ask for the Job. If you are genuinely interested, say so! Enthusiasm and a clear desire to work for the prospective employer could be the difference between you and another candidate – with similar skills and background – making the shortlist.
  • Leave your prospective employer with a positive impression. When the interview is wrapping up, make a few concise comments to recap some of the highlights of the conversation.
  • Reiterate your strengths that are important to success within in the role.

You will generally be escorted to the reception area at the end of the interview. Don’t relax just yet. Smile,Article Search, make eye contact and give a firm handshake. Thank them (by name) for their time.

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