Yes Man – Are you ?

Yes ManIf you have seen the movie Yes Man, you must have got the idea to say yes to everything is not a good one

You may have imagined yourself in a situation where you just have to say yes or no and realize how easy it will be to say no.

When you analyze the characteristics of Carl Allen displayed by Jim Carey, you will probably find yourself sharing some common behaviors. The movie is the story of a depressed bank loan executive who refuses every opportunity and prefers to stay home alone instead of hanging out with his friends and going out and experiencing new things, until he joins a meeting and changes his life. Direction. Feel familiar? If it does, it’s not too hard to tell which way you’re heading in your life. Let us find out if the opportunities we are given back us up.

The main reason we stay away from new experiences and people is because we feel we are not good enough and we are insecure. We have this inner conversation whenever we get a chance to make a fresh start; “What if I’m not good enough?”, “What if they don’t like me?”, “What if I see I’m not handsome?”

So, we miss the second chance and choose to stay in our safe area. Because our body likes to experience the same things that it is aware of. We are people of habit and the interesting thing is that we do not do it on purpose, while it is very beneficial for our instinct to survive, it does not work keeping in mind the needs of the modern world.
The part of our brain that is responsible for these habits is called the reticular formation which is a region in the brain stem such as regulating the sleep-wake cycle with different functions and avoiding repetitive stimuli while being sensitive to others through living. How does reticular formation affect our behaviors?

The reticular formation is like a deep deep state to protect ourselves from so-called threats by manipulating the more developed regions of our brain. Have you ever noticed that there is so much sweetness in sleep while studying? Or in your nightmares, you may have seen your teacher wearing a scary clown just days before the exam. The fact is that you do not use too much of your energy while studying and your teacher is not evil. They have only been defined as threats to mesh formation. It’s the same when it comes to socialization or doing important tasks. Guess what You’re not shy about meeting new people,
You can’t break if you go out and do some quality work for a while. No one would think you would not look smarter with your glasses; No one will stop loving you if you are not in shape, no one cares if you are not rich. Can I remember you when you smile? All our insecurities are nothing but imaginary enemies determined by our brains. So, don’t limit yourself to those illusions and don’t go back to your new things by saying no to poison.

Get out of your comfort zone and live your life, taste the sweetness of being free and stop the phase of your life by your best work, thanks to being lucky to see the sunlight again every morning, fresh air enters your lungs. And dance gently with the wind to see the wind. Push your limits and see your insecurity again. Because you’re too precious to waste your chances and if you haven’t seen “yes man”, don’t forget to add it to your watch list. I’m sure it has useful lessons to learn.

Use masks, maintain Physical distances – Vaccinate yourself and loved one’s.

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